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The New Mexico Elder Mediation Network provides skilled family facilitation and conflict resolution for Elders and their families, their caretakers and other associations.

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• Trained Objective Third Party
• Skilled In Conflict Resolution
• Efficient & Sensitive Solution

(505) 249-6510

Si se solicita, la mediacion puede ser en Español

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The New Mexico Elder Mediation Network is an informal association of skilled experienced mediators who are including in their training special attention to the needs of elders, their families, friends and caregivers. Each member of the network is an individual provider who arranges with the relevant parties to conduct mediation services. Some meditation services involve fees which are set in consultation with the parties involved.

Each mediator is committed to:
• Adherence to the ethics and standard of behavior as developed and adopted by: The American Arbitration Association, the American Bar Association and the Association for Conflict Resolution.

• Participation in periodic peer review and seminar/trainings related to the field.

The Network members are listed in the “Network Roster” tab. This roster may be used to select a mediator to contact.

Our network members invite feedback on your mediation experience. You may provide your evaluation by email by clicking here.
The NM Elder Mediation Network does not provide legal information or legal services. Please refer to the FAQ page for further information.
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