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The New Mexico Elder Mediation Network provides skilled family facilitation and conflict resolution for Elders and their families, their caretakers and other associations.

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• Trained Objective Third Party
• Skilled In Conflict Resolution
• Efficient & Sensitive Solution

(505) 249-6510

Si se solicita, la mediacion puede ser en Español

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To contact member of the Network, select one of the following options:

• Use the
Roster tab to select one of the mediators listed. Call or email (using the form below) that mediator to set up an initial interview. This interview is confidential and free. The mediator will discuss times and locations for the mediation and any fees that might be involved.

• Call (505) 249-6510 for the on-call coordinator. Your request will be assigned to a network mediator or to a mediator listed on the roster.

• Fill out the form below to requesting an initial interview. The request may specify a particular mediator. If none is requested, one of the network mediators will return a call as soon as possible to inquire about the nature of the conflict/issue and set up a confidential free initial interview.

• Speak to the Director of a Senior Center (in the Albuquerque metro area) and request a referral from the City of Albuquerque’s Alternative Dispute Resolution office.

The NM Elder Mediation Network does not provide legal information or legal services. Please refer to the FAQ page for further information.
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